NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Winter weather bore down on Middle Tennessee and some parts of Kentucky Monday with some areas reaching up to nine inches in snow. Williamson County EMA’s Hannah Bleam joins Nickelle Smith in the News 2 studio to discuss how to prepare for these winter weather events.

Bleam described what the overnight hours looked like during the winter event which affected some smaller roads in Williamson County. 

“We originally saw rain that moved to sleet that then moved to snow,” said Bleam, “A lot of trees started to get bore down by that extra weight so we started to see some trees limp over and electrical lines get covered with ice,” said Bleam. 

As Middle Tennessee prepares for even more winter weather this week, Bleam offers some winter preparedness tips. 

“One thing to prepare for is an electrical outage, so have extra batteries, extra chargers, and before a snow event make sure your phone is charged. If you have a medical device, make sure those additional power sources for devices are charged up as well,” said Bleam. 

The EMA also offers the following ahead of a winter weather event :

  • Avoid bridges and overpasses 
  • Elevated surfaces are colder, prone to ice 
  • Create a car emergency supply kit 
  • Sand, flashlight, warm clothes, blankets should be supplied