Newsmaker: TriStar hospitals start to see signs of COVID cases dropping


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — News 2 continues to track COVID cases in Tennessee, and how it’s impacting area hospitals and communities.

While health care workers are still weary about the surge, during an interview with Chief Medical Officer of TriStar hospitals, Dr. Tama Van Decar, News 2 learned there are signs of a negative growth rate when it comes to COVID cases.

“What that means is we don’t have a positive trend or a doubling rate, and we may actually be seeing the flattening out,” Dr. Decar said. “At least that’s the preliminary look right now in the Nashville market, and we hope that trends continues.”

Only about 44% of Tennesseans have been fully vaccinated against COVID. Dr. Decar said the vast majority of patients in TriStar hospitals are unvaccinated. “They are will to tell their stories about how much they wish they were vaccinated earlier.”

As the fight against the pandemic continues, Dr. Decar said, “The number one positive thing any of us can do to get this COVID pandemic in control is vaccinations.”

Currently, fewer than half of Tennesseans are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. News 2 takes you inside the debate with ‘Moving the Needlespecial reports. Keep up with our continuing coverage on

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