NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The Tennessee Highway Patrol is looking forward to adding new troopers to the department. Captain Travis Plotzer and Lieutenant Krystal Thaxter join Nickelle Smith in the News 2 studio to detail exactly what their looking for in new hires.

One common misconception is that being a trooper means having a job that consists of writing tickets all day long, and Captain Plotzer says that is far from the truth.

“People look at law enforcement as investigating crashes, writing tickets and working domestics, but we go much deeper than that,” said Captain Plotzer. “We’re very service oriented, we’re out changing tires, helping folks when they run out of gas and it makes you feel good to go out and help somebody,” said Captain Plotzer.

Lieutenant Krystal Thaxter said previous patrol experience is not required to become a trooper because training will be assigned along the way.

“Some people feel like they need to have experience to become a trooper, and what they don’t realize is that you don’t. We’ll teach you everything that you need to know, you’ll be assigned to a FTO that’ll take you out and you’ll closely follow them so we won’t let you fail,” said Lieutenant Thaxter.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol will host an open house on December 8 where those interested in applying can learn more about academy life and talk to troopers about on the job experiences.

Open house will be held at 283 Stewarts Ferry Pike from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

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