NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – This month drivers in Tennessee are being reminded to slow down. Arriale Tabson with the Tennessee Highway Safety Office joins Nickelle Smith with more on the department’s initiative.

Slow Down Tennessee aims to address a variety of speed-related issues. Tabson says the reminder is needed especially after recent driving behaviors in the state. 

“Since the pandemic, the traffic patterns and behaviors have changed,” said Tabson, “people have become more impatient, ignoring traffic signs, a lot of people are running red lights, and are not minding their speeding resulting in much more severe crashes, injuries, and fatalities.”

Tabson says Tennesseans can join the effort by placing yard signs in problem areas where speeding is common and affects other drivers on the roadway. 

“We have partnered with Triple AAA, and they have donated funds to allow us to create yard signs,” said Tabson, “So, get them, put them in your neighborhoods and areas where you know people are speeding.” 

To get a Slow Down Tennessee yard sign visit your local AAA office or, click here

To learn more about the organization’s latest campaign watch the entire interview above.