NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – While many Nashvillians are counting down for the biggest firework show in Music City history others are worried about their pets. Kenneth Tallier with the Nashville Humane Association joins Nickelle Smith in the News 2 studio with more on pet safety. 

July 5 is the day that most pets are reported lost and missing. Tallier urges pet owners to take the initiative to add extra protection for their pets by getting them microchipped, especially during the Fourth of July weekend. 

“Microchips are an added safety for your pet because sometimes pets get lost, and their collar comes off and you might have a nametag on that collar but if they’re running around basically naked, how do you find out who they are,” said Tallier. 

Tallier says if your pet starts to panic during fireworks try your best to keep them calm and indoors. 

“Make sure all of your pets have collars on with ID’s and then exercise them,” said Tallier, “Before fireworks happen take them on a walk to get them to relax that way they just want to sleep in. Also, when they’re in the house, keep them in a room, and turn up the TV to a normal level so there’s background noise that way your pet can focus on that as opposed to the loud noises.” 

To learn more about pet safety during the Fourth of July weekend watch the interview above.