NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A bag with a story, and that story starts with the founder of a nonprint organization in Tennessee. Cara Finger, founder of My Bag, My Story, and News 2’s 2021 Remarkable Women winner, joins Nickelle Smith in the News 2 studio to discuss her organization and the major milestone it just achieved.

My Bag, My Story is a nonprofit organization that donates a bag for every bag sold to a child in foster care in Middle Tennessee. Finger says she started the foundation after she and her husband became foster parents. 

“Every child that came to our home came with either a grocery bag or trash bag,” said Finger, “That really bothered me, and I asked in the community and everyone kept saying that was normal, and I said that doesn’t have to be a norm and set out to change it.”

The nonprofit organization has surpassed providing 1,000 bags and has served a thousand kids in the foster care system. Finger says she wants every child in the foster care system to know that they’re valued. 

“Our goal is to cover our immediate community and then go farther and farther into other communities that don’t have as many resources as we do in the Nashville area,” said Finger, “My dream would be that we went nationwide to provide bags for each child in foster care because there are over 450,000 kids in the system.” 

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