NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Homelessness and budget are two things that are top of mind for tonight’s Metro Council meeting. Vice Mayor Jim Shulman joins Nickelle Smith in the News 2 studio with more about the topics that are slated to be discussed.

Vice Mayor Shulman says the first bill up for discussion tonight is centered on a homeless services office. 

“It’s the office of homeless service and it’s been discussed for a while about separating it from Metro Social Services and creating its own division,” said Shulman, “The bill is up on third reading and there’s a lot of support for it and there’s an amendment on second reading about how to pick a director for it, so that should probably generate some discussion.” 

Vice Mayor Shulman also detailed a substitute budget that currently has 16 amendments. 

“The way this usually works is that the mayor’s office submits a budget, and our budget chair takes the mayor’s budget and then works with the council to figure out what they want to change. So that’s called a substitute budget,” said Shulman, “There are 16 amendments so we will go through each one and then figure out what our budget will actually look like.” 

Metro Council is set to meet at 6:30 p.m. at the Historic courthouse downtown. 

To learn more about what is being discussed at tonight’s Metro Council meeting watch the entire interview above.