NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Metro Council members want your opinion on how your tax dollars should be spent.

The budget is top of mind as they review the proposal from Mayor John Cooper for a new budget.

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Council Member at Large Burkley Allen spoke with News 2 about the feedback they are hoping to get from residents.

“I think it’s a good budget. We’ve had a lot of growth relative to the past year, about $300 million in new revenue, which is good,” she continued, “The Mayor has given us a new budget with about 500 new positions. There are raises for employees and teachers, and most importantly for Metro School support staff.”

Allen said they are focusing more on the support staff, like bus drivers, that are desperately needed to fill positions.

“The council will tweak this budget over the next two weeks based on input we get from the public,” Allen said.

Allen said the number one hot topic is the “hole blown in the budget” from the state adjusting an estimate of what they will be giving to the schools.

“We need to find another $22 million to keep the school budget where it was, which was right at about a billion dollars,” she said.

She added affordable housing is well-funded in the budget. “Rents are just going crazy. We’ve got to get more tools in the toolbox to help incentivize building houses people can afford to live in.”

Allen said for anyone interested in giving feedback on the budget they can do so during the public hearing portion of the Metro Council Meeting tonight at 6:30p.m. at the Historic courthouse downtown.

They can also work with their district council member to voice opinions and ask questions.

To see the full budget view the Citizens’ Guide to the Budget at this link.