NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Brown Girls Do Gymnastics (BGDG) is slated to host its inaugural gymnastics camp on July 19 at the campus of Fisk University. BGDG’s CEO Derrin Moore joins Nickelle Smith in the News 2 studio with more on what the camp entails. 

Brown Girls Do Gymnastics is an advocacy organization whose main purpose is to bring diversity to the sport of gymnastics. Moore says the organization is super necessary for minorities wanting to enter the sport. 

“It’s super necessary because we’ve always been a minority in the sport, and it shows in a lot of ways that keep us from participating in the sport in a way that we can matriculate to higher gymnastics,” said Moore. 

Moore says creating the inaugural camp hits home for her because oftentimes she was the only Black gymnast in spaces revolving around the sport. 

“I wanted to bring as many Black and Brown gymnasts together as possible and also people who have done gymnastics that look like them,” said Moore, “So we have black judges, coaches, gym owners, and all aspects.” 

To learn more about Brown Girls Do Gymnastics watch the entire interview above.