NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — News 2 has been digging deeper to highlight ways women can protect themselves from potential attackers in our special reports Stalkers and Creeps.

Damien Talley with the YWCA spoke to News 2 via the phone earlier today to address how people can protect themselves against domestic violence.

“One of the general statistics that we recognize is that there is a general correlation between domestic violence and stalking. And, that correlation is that stalking usually leads to future violence up to and including death,” Talley said.

Talley said there has been an effort to increase awareness that stalking is a form of domestic violence.

“An intimate partner stalking usually contains two main elements that we judge off of that’s a pattern of harassment as opposed to a single act and fear,” Talley continued, “If you recognize that your current partner or former intimate partner or spouse is checking your cell phone, reading your emails, following you, spying on you, and this activity is unwanted and causes you fear, then you’re being stalked.”

The YWCA offers a 24 hour crisis line: 1-800-334-4628. They also offer a text line: 615-983-5170.