NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Motorcyclists across Middle Tennessee will join together in a ride next month in honor of a fallen Brentwood police officer. Scott Legieza and Julie Walls join Nickelle Smith in the News 2 studio with more on the ride that will honor their son.

The Destin Legieza Remembrance Ride will hold its third annual event this year and Julie Walls says the ride is held to prevent other families from losing their loved ones to impaired drivers. 

“Our goal is to arm law enforcement with the equipment and training they need to have a team dedicated to getting impaired drivers off the street so other families don’t have to be in this situation,” said Walls. 

Scott Legieza says it’s important to continue to do these events that honor his son and carry on his legacy. 

“When these things happen, you can go several different paths in your life you can go down a dark hole, you can become status-quo or you can find a new purpose for yourself,” said Legieza, “this foundation and all that’s gone into it has given me a different perspective on life and gives me the inspiration to help other people in a similar situation.” 

The 3rd Annual Daniel Legieza Remembrance Ride will be held on June 18 beginning at the Boondox in Columbia at 8 a.m. and ending at the Elks Lodge in Franklin.  

To learn more about the ride click here or visit the Destin Legieza Foundation Facebook page