Residents rescued from Dickson apartment flood in Sunday storm

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DICKSON, Tenn. (WKRN) — Several residents had to be rescued during a storm from a flooded apartment complex in Dickson just after 5 a.m. Sunday.

“I got up this morning about five and I heard police officers and they came in, and I knew what it was,” Hidden Valley resident Kathy Mangrum told News 2.

She’s lived there for four years; she woke up Sunday to thunder, lightning, and banging.

“Within 15 minutes, it looked like a river, in the back and in the front of the parking lot,” she described, “They were making everybody leave, I said well I’m on the top, they said well you still have to leave. I had to wade in waist-deep, about up to my waist water.”

She says she grabbed her shoes and a put on a pair of shorts. She was reluctant to tell us, but she did take a tumble.

“I just lost my balance, I couldn’t see and there was so much water, and, but, the firefighters or police officers, they were right there and they helped me get up, I’m fine,” she said.

While her apartment on the second floor was okay, she says the entire bottom floor lost everything.

“They woke up to, you know, water rushing in their windows,” she explained.

Mangrum says this is the second flood she’s experienced here and others took to Facebook to say it’s happened a more than a few times.

“They replaced a pump, well, they told me that they had a pump, that they could pump all the water out,” said Mangrum, “But I guess the pump can’t work fast enough to pump all the water out, I don’t know.”

News 2 reached out to the complex owners via phone, email, and Facebook Messenger on Sunday, but did not hear back. Mangrum says the office building also burnt down last week.

She’s not sure where residents will stay in the meantime, but she’ll be with her daughter.

“My car did get water in it. It didn’t get in the engine, but I’m not really gonna complain because I can dry out the carpet, but trying to replace everything, that’s bad,” she said, “I’m the lucky one, they weren’t so lucky.”

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