College student comes up with a new way to look at fall foliage

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – While fall color maps are nothing new, a meteorology student at the College of Charleston has come up with a more accurate way to see when fall colors will peak. Evan Fisher, an upcoming junior, has come up with an interesting take on fall foliage maps, and it’s getting a lot of attention.

Fisher tells us, “It has been overwhelming, to be honest. I didn’t realize that no one else was doing this. So, when I first put it out, it was a big hit.”

What makes Fisher’s maps different is they account for the effect that elevation has on fall colors. The higher elevations see peak foliage earlier than lower elevations.

“If you look at the Southern Appalachians in general, and that stretches from Eastern Tennessee to western North Carolina, upstate Georgia, that whole area, it’s very elevation dependent when it comes to the time of peak leaf color.”

The response to these maps has been very positive and Fisher plans to make more maps next year that extend beyond the Appalachians.

“It’s been excellent to hear from folks, not just in the TV Meteorology sector, but also private industries as well as just general folks on Twitter,” he said. “I love to interact with followers and there’s just been an outpouring of support for this. As well as good ideas to make them even better. So hopefully they’ll be even more improved for next year.”

There’s a big market out there for these kinds of maps.

“A lot of people want to explore and get their hands on a 3-D interactive map. Even if you’re just zooming in on a state park to see where the trails go.”

A closer look at these interactive fall color maps is available at

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