Having issues with allergies? It’s ragweed season


Have you been having problems with allergies over the last month?  It’s likely that the dreaded ragweed is the source of your misery.  

 It’s a real nuisance to anyone who is allergic to it.  And this time of the year, it’s growing everywhere.  

Dr. Steve Samudrala, Medical Director at America’s Family Doctors, says there are some things you can do to avoid and alleviate your symptoms: 

“The biggest thing is number one, know what it looks like.  Know when the season is.  It’s generally August through November.  The other thing is to stay indoors between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.  That’s the peak time for ragweed pollen exposure.  The best time to go outside would be after dusk.  If you do go outside, and you are exposed, try to go home, shower, try to get it off of your clothes.  Use saline nose spray to try to keep your nose clean.  Nasal steroid sprays can often decrease the allergy response.  And things like Zyrtec and Benadryl can often help, as well.” 

And Dr. Sanudrala says there is also a new product that has come on the market over the last two years.   

“There are medicines like “Ragwitech” by Merck, which is a sub-lingual, that you can take under your tongue even during ragweed season, and it’s essentially immunotherapy.  Of course, there are shots.  But this is something for people who are afraid of shots.  Many doctors can write prescriptions for this.  Pharmacies do have it in stock and can fill it.” 

For more on Ragwitech, click here

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