NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – It seems like, in an instant, kids go from precious cargo to behind the wheel. It’s a big deal handing the keys off to your teenager, not knowing where they’re going or how fast.

But now there’s an app for that.

Glenn McLendon is the state director for AAA and uses the company’s mobile app to monitor his kids’ driving, including the driving of his daughter Elizabeth.

There are three things he always wants to know.

“That’s speed, the time of day they’re driving, and then their geographical location, where are they,” explained McLendon.

He currently has seven alerts about Elizabeth’s driving, and they’re about her speed.

McLendon says, “You can get more details around it, so 37 mile but it was in a real slow zone, so you can sort of see what they’re doing as far as why did it give me an alert.”

Elizabeth is a pretty good driver, and McLendon told News 2 he usually has nothing to worry about.

But just in case, he can set the time of day she should and shouldn’t be driving and where she should and shouldn’t be.

“I’ve got a parameter around Nashville set up,” says McLendon. “If she goes outside of that circle, it sends me an alert.”

The app also tells him if she is using her phone while she’s driving.

There are dozens of apps just like AAA’s, and they’re all fairly new, including Pro, Drive Scribe, Automatic, Canary and MamaBear.

McLendon says it doesn’t matter which one you download. This is technology parents have never had before.

“This would be very valuable to parents of today especially with the new generation of kids coming up and the technology and mobility they have,” says McLendon.

McLendon also says some insurance providers will give you a discounted rate for good driving documented through a mobile app.Click here to read more from News 2’s Family Safety Day.