NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — December 2022 was a crazy month. As you recall, the arctic blast leading into Christmas was the most memorable weather event, but the overall temperature still ended up above average, a trend that continues to occur in the month of December.

Let’s look at the cause of the warmth and predict future December temperatures.

December 2022

Here are the high temperatures in Nashville for December. Just over half of the days were above average, and only two days were average.

However, the overall temperature ended about four-tenths of a degree above average. This number may look small, but on a larger scale, this is certainly significant.

Decembers on the whole

Given that seven of the last ten Decembers have exceeded the average temperature of about 43°, it is a sign that the last month of the year is not trending colder anytime soon.

Climate Central reports that since the 1970s, the month of December has warmed by about three degrees.

These statistics tell us that December is not only trending warmer, but from a meteorology perspective, the clash of warm and cold airmasses will only increase. As warmer than average temperatures occur, elsewhere there has to be colder than average temperatures; it is a part of the global weather pattern.

In Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky, we can expect a potential increase in severe weather (even winter precipitation), followed by a period of cold days in future Decembers.