While the calendar officially says spring, Mother Nature hasn’t gotten the memo just yet as frost advisories were issued throughout Middle Tennessee for Friday morning.  

The advisory goes into effect at 1 a.m. and continues until 8 a.m.  

On Thursday, News 2 went to Bates Nursery and Garden Center where they were preparing for the cold weather.  

Adam Chapman said the nursery uses an overhead irrigation system, and is bringing in any tropical plants and perennials that need to be protected from the cold.  

The greenhouses will be closed as temperatures drop into the upper 30s. Chapman also said the owner plans to check on the nursery early Friday morning.  

Chapman said he advises homeowners to cover any tender vegetation or blooms that could be damaged overnight.  

He also suggests bringing in potted or hanging plants since they can be damaged by frost, too.  

The record latest date of a freeze in Nashville was set on April 25, 1910.