Video captures race against time as owner rescues dog at the bottom of their frozen pool

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MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) — It was an incredible race against time for Jennie Tatum after her 50-pound dog slipped on snow and fell right into their frozen pool and the whole thing was caught on a backyard security camera.

Sid returns home from the vet after surviving under frozen water for 45 seconds.

Tatum had just let their two dogs, Olaf and Sid out back to go to the bathroom, when they started their daily, playful chase around the backyard.

Tatum thought it was cute, so she started to take a video on her cellphone on the back porch, when Sid, a five-year old pit bull-mix, slipped off the edge of the snow and fell through ice, right into the pool.

Tatum threw her phone and ran to rescue Sid.

The video shows her digging with her arm from outside of the pool, but Sid was nowhere to be found.

“All I was screaming was Sid, I just wanted him to know that he could come up and be seen, that was my biggest thing was just not being able to see him,” she explained.

Then she jumps in and begins ripping through the ice with her arms and body from side to side.

“It was pure adrenaline,” she said, “I never thought about my hands actually got cut when I was chopping the ice, I didn’t think about jumping in the water and me getting hypothermia.”

In the moment, none of that mattered to Tatum. Her son’s best friend was in danger, “He’s never been in the pool, doesn’t like the pool, doesn’t like the water,” she explained.

Sid had gone into shock and was lying at the bottom of the pool, but Tatum couldn’t see him, so she climbed out and ran around the pool to try and spot him.

“I could see his body, I could see the brown, and so I thought, okay well if I jump in, but I was concerned about getting in the deep end just because I knew I couldn’t go under,” Tatum said.

The video shows Tatum run back around, jump into the pool, and pull Sid up out of four feet of water, lifting her out onto the snow.

“I don’t really remember anything besides getting him inside. When I got him out, I didn’t know if he was breathing,” Tatum said.

Sid was breathing, but he was limp, and his mouth was blue.

“None of the vets close to us were open, so we had to drive about 30 minutes and that was pretty scary,” she exclaimed.

Thanks to a neighborhood vet and another neighbor with a truck that could get through the snow, they got Sid to the Animal Medical Center.

“The vet actually told me, they said this is a miracle, they didn’t think… they said within just a few minutes, his oxygen levels were increasing, they put him in an oxygen room,” Tatum said, “He perked up and they called me and they said they didn’t think he’d have to stay two nights.”

Sid is back home, being treated for pneumonia, but is expected to make a full recovery.

Sid recovers with other family dog, Olaf by her side.

For days, Sid was been terrified of the backyard, but as the ice melted Monday, he ventured back out again to chase the flying insects and dogs outside the gate.

“It’s good awareness that things like this can happen,” Tatum concluded, “We showed it to April, who is the vet, and she was like if it had been probably ten more seconds, that would’ve been life or death.”

And this isn’t Sid’s first time being rescued. The Tatum’s found him on a street in their neighborhood five years ago and he quickly grew a strong bond with their youngest son who had pneumonia at the time.

“He cuddled up on the couch with our youngest, and they’ve been best friends ever since. They sleep together every night,” she said.

“I was very thankful, very, very thankful I was outside.”

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