NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Brittany Rashkin and her boyfriend, Jack, never expected they would lose their newly renovated home six months after buying it.

But a flood early Sunday morning wiped away everything, in their first home.

“It looked like a tornado came through. Furniture from one side of the house was on the other side of the house,” Rashkin said. “Everything was gone it was just a mud fest. It smelled horrible.”

The couple had just purchased the home on Currey Road and planned to start a family in it.

“Completely furnished everything brand new, brand new house, six months ago. Six months ago, now we have to start all over again,” Rashkin said.

Their home in South Nashville backed up to Mill Creek which flooded quickly on Saturday night.

The couple quickly gathered their dogs and belongings before seeking higher ground at a neighbor’s house with their cars.

“Knowing that we back to the creek we knew the risk but we didn’t think it would get to the point it got,” Rashkin said.

For now, the couple is preparing for next steps and taking things day by day. The two are thankful for the outreach of the community during their time of need.

Rashkin as well as her neighbors have GoFundMe pages active to help with expenses not covered by insurance as they prepare to look for temporary housing and new furniture.