NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Metro Parks announced many of its properties are closed due to flooding and debris caused by weekend storms.  

Metro Parks asks patrons not to utilize closed facilities or attempt to cross greenways, trails, and other areas that are closed.  

Current closures:


  • ALL Athletic Fields System-Wide are CLOSED
  • Fair Park (which includes the dog park) CLOSED (safety and structural damage)
  • Shelby Mini (Shelby Walk) CLOSED (safety and structural damage)
  • Shelby Park has several CLOSED areas:
    • Boguski Softball field (flooding)
    • Multipurpose Field (flooding)
    • Event Field (flooding)
    • Nature Center/Jess Neeley runoff parking Lot CLOSED for Debris Consolidation
  • Whitfield – Debris, damage to ball field fences, and concession stand damage.
  • Whitsett – Debris and damage to fence on Glenrose parking lot. Bridge on Glenrose is CLOSED due to debris.
  • Wentworth Caldwell – Debris
  • Paragon Mills – Debris and damage to outfield fences.
  • Heartland Park CLOSED


  • Warner Area
    • Edwin Warner River Shelters 3,5,6,10,11 CLOSED tables missing and/some completely covered in silt.
    • Roadways washed out in places.
    • Indian Springs CLOSED road washed out.  
    • Beach Woods road washed out still passable.
    • Still assessing horse trails.
  • Shelby – Boguski Restrooms CLOSED (underwater)

Playgrounds listed below are CLOSED

  • England Park Playground (Safety flooding, washed out wood mulch surfacing under playground and swings)
  • West Park Playground Swings ONLY CLOSED (Safety flooding, washed out wood mulch surfacing under swings)
  • Whitfield Park Playground (Safety flooding, PIP surfacing covered in debris and mud, washed out rubber mulch surfacing under climber)
  • Hartman Park Playground (Safety flooding, washed out wood mulch surfacing under playground and swings)
  • Edmondson Pike Library Playground (Safety flooding, washed out wood mulch surfacing under playground)
  • Shelby Park Riverview Playground (Safety flooding, Swings still under water, wood mulch surfacing under swings will need to be replaced)
  • Whitsett Park Playground (Safety flooding, playground bonded surfacing and structure covered in debris and mud)
  • England Playground – Safety mulch washed out


  • Seven Mile Creek Greenway Bridge (railing is damaged and will need replaced) CLOSED
  • Downtown Greenway at Cement rd. to I65 underpass CLOSED (safety, underwater)
  • Browns Creek greenway Bridge entrance CLOSED from Sutton road. Some of the asphalt washed away (Safety and structural damage)
  • Shelby Bottoms Greenway CLOSED from Bridge 1 to Bridge 2 (underwater)
  • Shelby Bottoms Greenway CLOSED @ Fortland Trailhead to main path (underwater)
  • Warner Area Greenways CLOSED as they are still under water
    • Foot path
    • Morton Mill
    • River Walk
    • Harpeth Springs
    • Coley Davis
    • Harpeth River
    • Canoe Ramp
  • Stones River Greenway is CLOSED under Water from
    • Kohls Trailhead to Boardwalk
    • Heartland Trailhead to Black Gate at Stone Hall Road
    • Handicap Split to Highway 40 Bridge
  • Metro Center Greenway lower part to Freeland Station
  • Cumberland River Greenway Ted Rhodes to Freeland Station
  • Richland Creek Greenway Golf Course areas CLOSED Fence is down heavy debris Knob Road to 54th Avenue
  • Mullins Greenway CLOSED underwater From Clarksville Highway

They expect to see more damage and debris by storms expected Tuesday.  

The department plans to assess properties each day and open parks as soon as they are deemed safe. Structural assessments will be required for some areas before they can safely reopen. 

Announcements can be found on the Metro Parks Facebook page.