NOLENSVILLE, Tenn (WKRN) — A Sunday morning shower quickly turned into flash flooding for parts of Middle Tennessee.

In Nolensville, water overtook a bridge near the Brittain Downs subdivision, causing a headache for some residents. Scott Baker says his short commute home from his office turned into a nearly two-hour ordeal on Sunday.

“Generally a twenty-minute commute took me an hour and fifteen minutes to get here,” Baker said. “Then I couldn’t get into the neighborhood so it took me (another) hour and fifteen minutes.”

Baker eventually found a detour, but neighboring residents in lower-lying areas weren’t as lucky.

Robert Owen showed a News 2 crew around his backyard, which was partially underwater.

“Anything that was outside is gone. My swing. Anything that was outside, it just took it away,” Owen said. “By the time I walked to the end of the driveway and came down here it looked like the flood gates opened up and boom!”

Owen says the water level in his yard went from around six inches to two feet in less than thirty minutes, which didn’t give him much time to save any of his outdoor possessions. The flash flood damaged thousands of dollars worth of tools and supplies inside Owen’s garage. It also ruined one of his cars.

Eventually, emergency crews responded to Owen’s home on Nolensville Road and asked his family to evacuate as the flooding conditions grew more dangerous.

“They were all dressed up in their gear and they came up and got my grandbaby, which is a newborn just two months. My wife, my other granddaughter, my daughter, and two dogs,” Owen said.

Owen tells News 2 that back in 2010 water damaged the inside of his home. This weekend he says he got lucky and didn’t lose nearly as much. He says the outdoor stuff is replaceable and is glad everyone in his family is okay.