DRESDEN, Tenn. (WKRN) — The scenic city of Dresden, in Weakley County, has endured a nightmare after storms and tornadoes hit the area over the weekend. However, the mayor does have hope for the days, weeks, and months ahead.

More than a hundred people are displaced in the county after homes, businesses, and roadways were ravaged by severe weather.

Mayor Jake Bynum said the community is celebrating zero fatalities, but with many suffering from serious injuries, he said he knows the road to recovery and rebuilding will have ups and downs and won’t be easy.

“There are going to be really difficult days ahead. And so, we have to show each other kindness and grace and comfort through those times because there will be bad days. And we have to understand that. But there are also going to be some really good days ahead of us as well,” Bynum said.

Some of the better news involved the effort to restore power. The mayor felt like they were ahead of schedule.

“We’re not we’re certainly not completely there yet. But we’ve got a lot of power on two places in a matter of four days that we thought potentially, we were looking at weeks without power,” he said. “The amount of work that they’ve been able to do in the last several days has been extensive.”

Mayor Bynum said the rebuilding phase is an opportunity for many to make improvements and start fresh. He also told News 2 the community will rise to the challenge and be better because of what they have endured.

For more information on tornado relief resources and how to donate to Weakley County, click here.