Most of this Spring season has been cooler than average, in fact the month of April is running about 3.5 degrees below normal.

The reason is that the jet stream has stayed abnormally far south for this time of year, helping to funnel chilly air into our region.

That is about to change as we head into this first week of May.

The jet stream will retreat to the north allowing high pressure to build over Tennessee. 

That high will drift to the east over the next few days allowing winds to shift to the south.

That combined with a good deal of sunshine will boost temperatures into the 70s Monday, then into the low 80s Tuesday.

The warmest we have been thus far this Spring has been 83 near the beginning of this month. We should surpass that Wednesday and Thursday as highs are expected to be in the mid 80s.

Clouds and rain may cool us off a bit Friday, into the 70s, but no chilly air is in sight through next weekend. Finally, a real taste of Spring!