NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – March 2-3, 2020, Allyson McGee was watching WKRN News 2’s Facebook live from Fort Hood, Texas where her husband was stationed for the military. As a native of Mt. Juliet, she was worried about her family and friends and although she was miles away, she acted and called them to let them know a tornado was heading their way.

“As soon as you said it is coming to Mount Juliet, if you know anyone call them, right now wake them up it is coming straight to them, I immediately got off that live and started calling my family and friends and I said it is here it is coming…Danielle Breezy said it’s coming,” said McGee.

Her family stayed safe, but Allyson wants people to be prepared. She has a safety plan herself. “I go, okay, make sure I have everything I need. I have a flashlight around. I have my Facebook portal because those are great. I have my phone charged. I have a backup spare battery. I have my dog’s leash, his harness ready. I know I am not telling my child at the time, but I am telling my husband, and I just sit here, and I wait.”

She, her husband, her son, and her dog go sit in their bathroom in the center of their house. They had to put their safety plan in action during the December 2021 tornado outbreak as her husband is stationed at Fort Campbell and they now live in Clarksville. They stayed safe and she credits it to practice and being that she is a native and knows how Tennessee weather can be.

“This is my home. I am from here. I know how the weather is. It can change in an instant just like that and I need you all to follow Danielle Breezy. She is great. She is going to get the weather out,” exclaimed McGee.

Seconds count when severe weather strikes. WKRN News 2 Weather Authority’s special report – Storm Safe – breaks down important information on what you can do to keep your family safe. From new technology to efforts by community officials, read more on what is being done to protect all Tennesseans during severe weather.