NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – They may be scary, even dangerous when you are under a supercell thunderstorm, but seen from a distance they are quite a beautiful sight.

Over the last week in Texas, photographers had a field day, particularly near sunset when viewed to the east with the sun’s orange rays from the west reflecting off of the towering storms.

Zachary Mojicas captured this great picture displaying the classic “anvil” top of this thunderstorm looking east from San Antonio, TX on Saturday, April 15.

(Courtesy: Zachary Mojicas)

Roxsand Lecroy caught this picture on Wednesday, April 19 of this supercell not long before it became a “splitting supercell” that dropped 1″ hail just east of Abilene, northeast of Clyde, TX.

(Courtesy: Roxsand Lecroy)

Here is the view from the radar located at Dyess Air Force Base and the local storm report. Click the arrows or dots to see both:

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