NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – It’s been an active winter, especially since 2022 began! In just the past three weeks, Middle Tennessee has had three weather events.

If you think this winter has been more active than normal, in many cases, you’re right! The seasonal snowfall totals are impressive already, and winter doesn’t even end until the third week of March.

In Cookeville, we’ve already seen 4.6″ of snow this year. The 30-year average is 6.1″, so we’ve already come close to reaching that number less than halfway through the winter.

In Nashville, the numbers get even more impressive. The 30-year seasonal snowfall average in Nashville is 4.7″. So far this year, we’ve seen more than 9 inches of snow – nearly TWICE the seasonal average!

That’s also the case in Franklin, where we generally see about 1.7″ of snow in a season. This year, we’re nearly three times that with 4.6″ so far.

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