NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – You may notice you are having a seasonal allergy flare up after a soggy weekend, but why? We usually think that rain is a good thing with pollen because it will wash it away, however, this isn’t the case after only a few showers moved in, allowing for pollen to break up into smaller pieces and still stick around.

Winds are picking up for the first half of the week and that will also add to the sneezing because pollen will travel on the breeze.

The best way to prevent hay fever with these breezy conditions is to limit your time outside in the afternoon when the breeze is strongest and shower at night to get pollen off your skin before bed.

Birch, oak, and apple will be our top allergens for at least the next five days. Tree pollen is still our top contributor to our sneezin’ season so far, but that will change to grass pollen by the end of this month.