NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Powerful severe thunderstorms and possible tornadoes left a path of destruction across Middle Tennessee Thursday night.

After the storms have moved out, the signs of damage are starting to emerge. Damage reports are coming in all over the area from as far south as Wayne County to Sumner County.

A powerful storm pushed through Portland early Thursday evening, with straight line winds damaging multiple homes, tearing down trees and power lines and injuring at least four people.

As the storms continued, power lines were reported down all across the area. Power outages were widespread and the three biggest power companies reported thousands without power. Nashville Electric Service estimated some 30 power poles were broken and more were likely to be reported as the night went on.

In Wayne County, massive power outages and multiple homes were destroyed along Highway 99, including the roof ripped right off of a home and reports of a person who was trapped in debris.

Storm Damage in Wayne County (Source: Burt Staggs)

Some of the biggest damage occurred after 9 p.m. in Smyrna, where trees were beaten down, homes had their roofs torn open, decks picked up and lifted across yards and fences obliterated.

Extensive storm damage on Addie Lane in Smyrna (Source: Jerry Barlar)

In Lawrenceburg, a roof was blown off of a business near the square. In Wilson County, the major damage occurred along Vesta Road between I-840 and Murfreesboro Road where homes were damaged and a propane leak occurred.

In East Nashville along Main Street, the winds bowed in a wall of a business and shut down portions of Fairfield Avenue. Trees fell onto cars and homes across the already hard-hit area.

Meanwhile, in Antioch, people had to be rescued from vehicles along Bell Road and Murfreesboro Road as rising flood waters caused vehicles to sink.

Nashville International Airport temporarily delayed incoming and outgoing flights for a time. As well, a WeGo Bus garage sustained heavy damage to the roof of the structure.

Many areas impacted by the strong storms Thursday received several inches of hail. It is likely more damage reports will come in as dawn breaks on Friday.

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