MAURY COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — Several off-duty firefighters are being credited with saving a person from the Duck River Sunday morning.  

According to the Maury County Fire Department, off-duty firefighters with the Franklin Fire Department, Columbia Fire Rescue, and the Maury County Fire Department made a heroic rescue in the Williamsport community.  

Franklin Fire Captain Michael Henderson was in the community Sunday morning and was alerted to a vehicle in the Duck River with someone on top of it. Captain Henderson went to the scene and noticed a person in the middle of the river. Shortly after, Maury County firefighter Jimmy Mash and Columbia Fire Rescue engineer Jason Delk arrived with a civilian jon boat.  

While waiting on additional life jackets, Maury County Fire Department Swiftwater boats were deployed. Delk and Henderson deployed the boat and were able to rescue the person and deliver him to Maury Regional EMS. 

 The Maury County Fire Department thanked Brandie Mash for gathering life jackets during the event.  

Emergency crews are reminding people not to drive into flooded areas and “turn around, don’t drown!”