NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — The tornado outbreak from one year ago across Tennessee & Kentucky is one of the most historic weather events this region has ever seen. We take a look back at its path of destruction & key takeaways from that dangerous night.

Total tornadoes

This was a multi-state severe weather outbreak, starting Friday evening shortly before 7 PM and ending around 8 AM Saturday. 66 tornadoes were reported in this timeframe. 16 of those tornadoes touched down in Middle Tennessee, 7 in counties in Southern Kentucky.

Long-track tornadoes for this event

A long-track tornado is typically described as being on the ground continuously for more than 20 miles. Here are the three main tornadoes that had the longest tracks.

1. 7:07 PM – 8:36 PM from Arkansas to Missouri to Tennessee. Traveled ~80 miles and rated EF-4.
2. 8:49 PM – 11:47 PM that hit Mayfield, KY, and traveled into Central Kentucky. Traveled ~165 miles and rated EF-4.
3. 10:32 PM – 12:36 AM that tracked from northeast of Dyersburg to Todd County, KY (before lifting and touching down again in Bowling Green). Traveled ~123 miles and rated EF-3.

Record number of tornadoes in 2021

2021 was a significant year for tornadoes in the Middle Tennessee area. 46 tornadoes hit this area, breaking the old record of 38 tornadoes in 2011. This year (2022), we’ve only had one tornado in our area.

More analysis of the historic event

The National Weather Service offers a greater insight of the storm surveys and damage paths from December 10-11, 2021. Each forecast office issued its own report of county impact.
NWS Nashville, TN
NWS Paducah, KY
NWS Louisville, KY
NWS Memphis, TN

A full analysis was also produced by additional NWS offices and shows the chronological order of each tornado that touched down that Friday night to Saturday morning. See it here.

Severe weather reminders

This event has become a prime example that severe weather can occur at any time if atmospheric conditions are favorable.

Here are a few takeaways:
Have multiple ways to receive weather information. The best tool is a NOAA Weather radio, but the WKRN Weather App is an excellent source for weather alerts and interactive radar.
Know your safety plan & have an emergency kit. Review your plan often and know where to go in the event of a severe weather warning is issued. Read more here about creating a safety plan and what to include for your emergency kit.

Don’t forget to take the power and reliability of the WKRN Weather Authority with you at all times by downloading the News 2 Storm Tracker app.