NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A brutal heatwave is warming up Middle Tennessee—and creating record demand for power companies.

Nashville could see temperatures at, or at the very least near, 100 degrees over the next few days. If you are looking for relief soon it might be a while—long-term forecasts, like NOAA’s summer outlook, are predicting a warmer than average summer.

Nashville Heat Records

If Nashville is in store for a warmer than average summer, could Music City break some of its hot weather records this year? The National Weather Service tracks all weather records for Nashville, including heat-related ones.

Hottest temperature

The highest temperature recorded in Nashville was 109 degrees on June 29, 2012.

Highest daily mean temperature

Nashville hit a 95-degree daily mean temperature twice: July 14, 1954, and July 28, 1930.

Most consecutive 100 degrees days

For eight straight days (June 23-30) in 1952, Nashville had a maximum temperature of at least 100 degrees.

Most 100-degree days in 1 year

In 1954, two years after the consecutive 100-degree days record, Nashville recorded 20 days where the city hit 100 degrees over the course of the year.

Most 100-degree days in one month

Think 20 days in a year is hot? Try 15 days of 100 degrees in one month! Nashville hit the record in August 2007. The highest temperature the city reached that month was 106 degrees on August 16. The average maximum temperature for that month was 98.6 degrees—nearly 10 degrees higher than the average high in August (89.7).

Heat is one of the leading weather-related killers in the country. Children and infants, older adults, people with medical conditions, and pregnant women are particularly vulnerable to heat.

If you must be outside in the heat, remember to drink plenty of water, as hydration is key. For more heat safety tips and reminders, check out National Weather Service’s heat resources.

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