Local photographer gets his ‘photo of the year’


Lightning and replicas of the Nina & the Pinta in Clarksville

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Tim Gillahan considers himself an amateur photographer with hopes to make it a profession one day.

Friday night he captured what he considers his “photo of the year”.

While replicas of two of Christopher Columbus’ ships were sitting at the dock on Riverside Drive in Clarksville, Tim snapped the shutter on his camera as a huge double bolt of lightning lit up the sky from the other side of the river.

In his words:

“I have officially captured my photo of the year, folks. This is why I will continue to pursue my passion for photography until it becomes a career. I shot this photo just a few moments ago on the riverfront during a thunderstorm at “blue hour”. Here’s the cool factor… the ships, “Nina” and “Pinta” were in town! So, that gives this photo an extraordinary feel. There was a bit of wind. Unfortunately, this created some “blur” on some of the trees and sails. While capturing this shot, I *almost* got struck by lightning. At one point, I could feel the hair on my arm standing on end. I just kept clicking away!”

We love the picture, but maybe he should be a little more cautious!

Lightning illuminating the rain shaft in the thunderstorm in Clarksville

He got a second shot that is of interest to us weather types: Lightning illuminating the rain shaft and downburst of the thunderstorm.

If you would like to see more of his work, go to Tim Gillahan’s Facebook Page.

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