NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A recent transplant to Tennessee, Sarah Lee Owensby is very scared of storms.

Along with her husband and 2-year-old, she moved to the city of Gallatin while nine months pregnant.

“The first thing my neighbors told me about was the tornado that hit nine years before. And I went on Google, which is your best friend and your worst enemy, and I saw where the tornado had leveled houses like right down the street, and I immediately became terrified,” she told News 2.

Owensby’s neighborhood is only a quarter of mile away from Volunteer State Community College and a couple of car dealerships that were hit by the tornado in 2006.

She has every right to be worried, especially since she’s now a new mom.

“But when you have a baby, you have this overwhelming fear that overtakes you. If there is a danger, your first instinct is you have to keep your child safe,” Owensby told News 2.

News 2 Meteorologist Danielle Breezy asked her where would she go in her house to keep her family safe.

“I grab my baby and I grab my dogs, my fur baby, and we hide out. We actually have an elevator in this house, which I know is ridiculous but the man that built this house did it for his grandparents,” she said.

Owensby’s elevator is a safe spot, especially being on the lowest level and in the center of her home. In addition, there is a way for her to get out if they lose power.

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“Why this is the safest room is because it is a double wall of steel. If we didn’t have this or if we have people over because that is a small space, so this is our laundry room, and I feel like it is still in the middle of our house and there is no windows. It is pretty safe,” she said.

So Owensby knows where to go, but does she know what to bring with her?

“So if there is a warning, I grab my water… I grab the peanut butter. This is what we can eat to survive, all of us,” she said. “Then I grab baby diapers and wipes. Just because there is a storm doesn’t mean my baby won’t go to the bathroom.”

The mother is not afraid to admit she is terrified of severe weather and strong winds in general. She told News 2 she has been in the elevator at least 40 times in the last year, but it is all worth it when it comes to keeping her family safe.

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