NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Nice weather is on tap for this week, but that can change on a dime. It’s severe weather season, and that also means it’s time to make sure your home can be rebuilt if it gets destroyed in a storm.

“In just one night, your life can change,” said Ron Travis, who has worked decades in the insurance industry.

Travis, CEO of Insurors of Tennessee, knows what destructive storms can do to lives and homes. This month, the Readyville tornado destroyed 10 homes and damaged 30.

“That’s why people should buy insurance, to make sure they are protected when those situations come up,” said Travis.

Travis recommends meeting with your insurance agent every two or three years to ensure you are not underinsured.

“Talk to them about their policies, what has changed over the last five years, what do I need to do to protect myself even further in this economy that we live in.”

Travis says now that lumber prices have gone up the past few years and homes across Middle Tennessee are more expensive to build, you might want to beef up your insurance plan to have enough money to rebuild your entire home.

“If you look back 10 years ago, what it would cost $130 a square foot to build a house, now may be at $180. You just want to make sure that coverage is there.”

The good news, unlike Florida, where hurricane coverage is often a separate policy, wind and tornado coverage here in Tennessee is often included in your homeowner’s insurance, in case the worst does happen.

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“There’s a lot of policies that you can buy, but most of the time, that wind is going to be in your policy,” said Travis. “Every two or three years, go in and see your agent and talk about what do I need to do to be more protected, or am I good?”