Cooler and drier, but wildfire smoke returns


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After starting the day in the 60s, we’ll end the afternoon in the 80s!

The Plateau will see temperatures between about 81-84 degrees, while the rest of the region will be between about 84-88 degrees. All of this is without that sticky, summertime feel! We’ll see a few clouds here and there, but get plenty of sunshine as well. We also have a very small chance of a shower later in the day in our southernmost counties, but most folks stay completely dry.

If you’re planning to spend this nice day outdoors, keep one last thing in mind: wildfire smoke is moving back into the region, creating hazier conditions. We do not have an Air Quality Alert, but if you have bad asthma, COPD, or even really bad allergies, that smoke in the air could be irritating.

Tuesday brings similar conditions, but Wednesday, the chance of rain increases slightly. We could see a stray shower, and even hear a rumble of thunder, but any activity won’t be widespread. This trend will continue through the end of the week, and temperatures will slowly creep up each day.

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