Nashville, Tenn. (WKRN) — Are you ready for some football?! Kristina Shalhoup has a look at what the weather will hold for our high school and college games.

We’re looking great for football tonight…. if you like it a little chilly that is! Cold air is filtering into the region, and temperatures will see the impact. Highs today will be in the mid 50s, and lows overnight will end up in the upper 30s! That means, by kickoff at 7pm, you’re already in the upper 40s, and by the 4th quarter, you’re looking at the mid 40s.

Tomorrow, college games have a perfect day to play. We’ll see comfortable highs in the mid 60s, and plenty of sunshine. It’ll be a bit breezy, so a jacket isn’t the worst idea if you get chilly easily– especially after sitting outside for the course of the game!

The Titans are playing in Cincy on Sunday! Conditions will be chilly and windy because of an early morning cold front! Sustained wind speeds will be between 5-15 mph, while gusts could get all the way up to 30 mph at times! That means– while we’ve seen worse– conditions will be tough for the kickers!