EAGLEVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Lucky Ladd Farms is in its twelfth year of entertaining families during the fall. But of course, this year they’ve had to make a few adjustments.

“We’ve been working really hard all summer long to prepare for the fall,” explained Amy Ladd, owner of Lucky Ladd Farms. “One, we’re at reduced capacity. So we’re allowing a little bit less than 50 percent guests through the season. We still strongly encourage guests even though we’re outside, if you can’t socially distance when you’re out here, we do encourage them to wear masks. And we’ve installed over 50 hand sanitizer stations across the farm.”

But visitors can still enjoy all the fun attractions they’ve always had.

“Of course, there are all the fun animals and we have 50 different activities,” said Ladd. “The mega-slides are always really popular, as well as the pony rides and wagon rides. We have taken some extra safety precautions for a few of those activities.”

Shawn and young Arlo Byrne were visiting from Nashville:
“We’re always looking for fun stuff to do with the little boy here, something we feel safe being outside,” said Byrne. “It’s a fun activity getting out here and seeing farm animals.”

“We want to come and feed the goats and ride the slides,” said Ashton Marlin from Eagleville. My kids love it, and it’s just a great place to come in the community that we live.”

The Corn Maze is always a popular attraction, and Lucky Ladd Farms always goes to great lengths to create a design in the cornfield that can be seen from the air. In years gone by, they have done everything from a Nashville Predators logo to Simba and Mufasa from “Lion King.”

But this year, they had to add a funny twist to cap off this unusual year!

“Our corn maze, we decided to have a little fun with this year,” explained Amy Ladd, “We wanted to celebrate The Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020. So you’ll find in our corn maze a couple of rolls of toilet paper. And we say ‘just roll with it’ because that’s how 2020 has been!”

For more information, visit Lucky Ladd Farms’ website or visit their Facebook Page.