Coopertown, Tenn. (WKRN) – At Honeysuckle Hill Farm they’ve been entertaining kids, as well as Moms and Dads, for eighteen years now. They say this year people just want to get outdoors.

“One thing we want to do is give folks a break from COVID,” explained Jeff Alsup, Honeysuckle Hill Farm Owner, and Creator. “We are open air. We are outdoors. We have signage everywhere that says ‘play safe’. They say “please social distance.” They say ‘please wash your hands often.’ We have sanitation stations everywhere. Also, we request folks wear a mask. We don’t require it, we request it.”

The farm has quite an array of attractions for kids of all ages.

“We have the Hayride, the Pumpkin Patch, we have the Corn Maze,” said Alsup. “We created a new obstacle course for the kids this year. We call it ‘The Adventure Course’, low ropes course. We have lots of slides. We have Cow Trains, Pumpkin Trains.”

“And this year we have a treat. We cut Thomas Rhett’s picture into our corn maze. He gave us permission for that.”

Drone view of Thomas Rhett Corn Maze

So how did they make this work of art?

“We have a guy who comes from out of town every year with a GPS,” explained Mikayla Yates of Honeysuckle Hill Farm. “And you do it with a zero-turn mower. You have a location where you will start, and he’ll give you a signal when he wants you to turn around, or go left, or go right. And you just follow his signals with the zero-turn.”

Pretty good replica!

For directions and more information, go to the Honeysuckle Hill Farm website, or visit their Facebook Page.

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