FAYETTEVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — The National Weather Service (NWS) surveyed damage in Lincoln County around the Fayetteville area Saturday and determined that an EF-2 tornado with peak winds of 118 mph occurred there.

Here is the exact wording from the NWS on the path and damage of the tornado:

“The tornado formed on Amana Ave. with minor roof and shingle damage to single family homes. It tracked due east into the fairgrounds where it uplifted reinforced roofing to horse stalls and destroyed a large outdoor shed approximately 80ft by 30ft that had several 4×4 support beams anchored with concrete snapped near the base. The tornado then rolled a large horse trailer next to the building approximately 80 yards. It continued to snap trees and power lines heading east. As it approached Hedgemont avenue, several residential and commercial structures had roofing and siding damage. The tornado crossed Main Ave S. and snapped several Bradford Pears, then crossed HWY 231. At the Lincoln Medical Center, power poles were snapped, debris collided with the front of the building, several cars were lifted and had their windows blown out, and an exterior wall was disconnected but not collapsed.”

“The HVAC system was also toppled on the roof. After damaging the medical center, the tornado went through open fields and wooded areas where numerous trees were snapped and uprooted. Before lifting, an awning that was reinforced with 4x4s in concrete was flipped. Just west of Winchester highway, the tornado lifted.”

There were many other areas that received damage in Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky. That includes Dickson County, Giles County, Perry County, and Rutherford County.

To see all the reports received by the NWS in Nashville, click this link.

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