NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — As a large portion of Tennessee will be under a freeze warning or freeze watch overnight, News 2 remembers this day 30 years ago when a blizzard covered the area.

It’s been called, “The Storm of the Century,” as it affected almost half the United States with severe weather and historic snow totals. The storm hit March 12 – 14, 1993, proving to be the second most costly winter storm to date, according to the National Weather Service, totaling about $11.5 billion in today’s dollars. A total of 21 states were impacted.

(Photo courtesy of National Weather Service)

The highest snowfall was recorded at Mount LeConte in Sevier County, Tennessee with 56 inches – almost five feet.

Jamestown picked up more than two feet of snow and recorded snow drifts up to 10 feet, and Crossville saw almost 21 inches.

Meanwhile, Nashville measured in about three inches of snowfall.

In the mountains of Tennessee and the Carolinas, there were about 200 hikers who had to be rescued. Overall, 10 million residents lost power, and nearly 250 storm-related deaths were reported.

As News 2’s meteorologist Marcus Bagwell said, while March indicates spring is coming, the clash between the bitter cold and more moisture can create a wintry mess, so an important key takeaway from the 1993 superstorm is to always be prepared.

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