WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — Congress is currently gridlocked on gun control measures. The House recently passed two bills to restrict purchases, but they will be a tough sell in the Senate.

“We don’t need more gun control,” said Sen. John Kennedy, R-LA. “We need more idiot control.”

Kennedy said he has a fix.

“We need to restore the integrity of the database,” he said.

The National Instant Criminal Background Check System verifies whether a person can buy a gun. According to the FBI, the database has conducted more than 300 million checks over the past 20 years, leading to nearly two million denials. However, Kennedy argues there are holes in the system.

“The name of everyone who needs to be in the database is not in the database,” he said. “And agencies that are responsible for sending in the names need to be made to do it.”

Kennedy’s legislation would do just that, along with ensuring the Justice Department prosecutes people who try to buy guns illegally.

“You know why we can’t pass it? Because the Democrats vote against it,” Kennedy said.

The Democrat-controlled House instead recently passed two bills that would expand requirements for background checks, but they are unlikely to gain 60 votes in the Senate.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki said the White House will continue negotiations with Congress.

“We’ve even seen an openness by some Republicans to having a debate and discussion,” Psaki said. “We’ll take that.”

But Psaki said President Biden is also considering executive orders.

“Right now, we’re working on a couple of levers,” she said.

They could include boosting current background check systems and regulating the sale of untraceable homemade weapons known as “ghost guns.”

“We hope to have an update on that soon,” Psaki said.

Following last week’s mass shooting at a Boulder grocery store, Psaki said the president does not yet have plans to travel to Colorado.

Earlier this month, President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris used a scheduled trip to Atlanta to instead meet with Asian American and Pacific Islander advocates and Georgia state legislators after a gunman killed eight people at three massage parlors in the area.