WASHINGTON (Nexstar) — The White House says President Biden spoke to Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the weekend and expressed his unwavering support for Israel.

Biden postponed a planned trip to Colorado, staying in Washington to meet with security officials to discuss the situation in the Middle East. Biden is also considering a trip to Israel as a show of support.

“You always have the support of the United States,” said Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. “(There’s a) deep commitment to Israel’s right and obligation to defend itself and defend its people.”

Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal says there are concerns that the war could grow beyond the current conflict between Israel and Hamas.

“The United States is doing everything possible behind the scenes through diplomacy, as well as overtly by sending two carrier strike forces to that region to deter any effort to take advantage of the turmoil,” he said.

Nearly all U.S. lawmakers agree on providing ongoing support to Israel.

“Israel needs to do whatever is necessary to eliminate Hamas because its objective is to destroy not only Israel but its people,” Blumenthal said.

But Republican Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton says since American hostages are involved, the option of sending in U.S. troops should also be on the table.

“It should never be ruled out that American soldiers will save American lives,” he said.

Biden is also speaking with Israel and countries such as Egypt to establish humanitarian corridors and to help innocent civilians in Gaza get access to food, water and medical care.