WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) – For the fourth time in U.S. history, the House Judiciary Committee is sending articles of impeachment to the floor after a vote right down party lines.

But Republicans, like Louisiana Congressman Mike Johnson, argue President Trump is the first American leader to be treated this way.

“They guaranteed to their radical left base that they would impeach President Trump by Christmas. That’s why we’re here. This whole thing was rigged.”

Johnson’s fellow Louisianan, Democrat Cedric Richmond, says the president knew what he was doing when he abused his power and obstructed Congress.

“If President Trump wanted to investigate corruption, he could start at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and look in the mirror or he could look around the cast of criminals that have been indicted from his circle.”

Republican Martha Roby from Alabama says Democrats will pay a huge price at the polls in 2020.

“Whether you like or even dislike a president, the American people should feel cheated by what has taken place here.”

But Democrat Steve Cohen from Tennessee says Congress must stop the president’s behavior.

“The proof is there. This is the most abusive act we can imagine, trying to influence our elections with foreign interference that takes power away from the American people. That would end our country as we know it.”

While some Democrats in districts President Trump won in 2016 are still weighing their options, the full House vote should also be down party lines.

The impeachment process then moves to the Senate for a trial, where Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker says it will be nearly impossible to get a two-thirds vote to convict the president.

“It would take a major earthquake for that to happen. It won’t happen.”

The House is expected to take up the articles of impeachment next week. If passed, the Senate would start its trial in January.