WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) – Two of the top teams in college football will face off this weekend before a crowd that will include Louisiana and Alabama Senators and even President Trump.

The president will sit on LSU’s side but Bama senators are betting he won’t be on the winning side when the game ends Saturday night.

The college football ranking that carries the most weight shows LSU at number two and Alabama at three. But just like most political polls, these lawmakers are waiting for the actual results of the game.

“Two great teams. Two great teams”

Even President Trump is excited about Saturday’s marquee college football matchup: the Alabama Crimson Tide vs the LSU Tigers.

“I said that’s the game I want to go to. That’ll be tremendous.”

The President is planning to join more than 100,000 fans on Alabama Senator Doug Jones’ home turf.

The Democrat approves of the president’s visit.

“It’s exciting. We absolutely welcome the president and his participation,” said Jones.

But Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy says he’s sitting with the president, who’s rooting for the Tigers.

“Flying in to Tuscaloosa to mess up traffic, stick it to the Bama fans but also to see the Tiger victory,” said Cassidy.

“The Alabama/LSU game, especially number one and number two, makes for some crazy times down there,” said Jones.

The top two teams in college football— depending on who you ask— are turning political allies on the U.S. Senate floor into sports rivals on the field Saturday.

Republicans Richard Shelby of Alabama and John Kennedy of Louisiana made a bet as big as their appetite for a win.

“A Conecuh sausage made in Evergreen, Alabama. Very good, high quality sausage sold in every state of the Union. I’m hoping to get some gold from Louisiana,” said Shelby.

“I’m betting as much extra-spicy Popeyes fried chicken as the senator can eat. Popeyes chicken is among the best fried chicken God ever put breath in,” said Kennedy.

The game will help determine who’s the best in college football, and these senators joke, maybe even who gets more political pull in Congress.

Alabama shut out LSU in last year’s matchup.