WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — A House committee led by women called on the country’s top financial regulators to include more females and minorities in the workforce.

“The success of our economy depends on the full inclusion of all communities,” said Chair Joyce Beatty, D-OH.

“It is in a company’s best interest to hire and develop a diverse workforce and create an inclusive work environment,” said Ranking Member Ann Wagner, R-MO.

The all-female directors of the Offices of Minority and Women Inclusion told lawmakers during Tuesday’s hearing that recruiting and retaining these employees is still a challenge.

“We have been working extensively to build more relationships with the minority, women and veteran businesses,” said Lacey Dingman with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

The agencies said their efforts include more incentives and training at their institutions, but some of those training programs could hit a snag.

The Trump administration recently instructed federal agencies to end racial sensitivity programs that address topics like white privilege, calling them “divisive, anti-American propaganda.” Beatty asked the witnesses if any of their trainings said “virtually all white people contribute to racism” as the Trump administration claimed.

“We absolutely do not have training that in any way contributes to divisive language like that,” said Joyce Cofield with the Office of the Comptroller of Currency.

“Our purpose in our training is to educate and not alienate anyone,” said Nikita Pearson with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

So for now, the federal agencies will continue business as usual.