Reveille and PT start the day for soldiers at the 101st

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FORT CAMPBELL, Tenn. (WKRN) — It’s 6:30 in the morning at Fort Campbell. The Reveille bugle call begins. The color guard is in position and presenting honors to the flag. Soldiers, across the post, come to attention and salute. The tradition dates back to the 1800s and derives from the French word meaning “wake up”. Another day of duty begins.  

“It’s early in the morning. It’s cold. It’s raining. But hey, one day this will be the difference between life or death for you in a combat situation,” said First LT Scott Frazier who speaks from experience. He deployed to Iraq in 2019 and grew up surrounded by service. 

“My father was a pilot; my grandfather was an armor officer; my other grandfather was in the Marines,” said Fraizer.  Physical training, known as PT, has changed since then. Daily exercise now focuses on functional fitness and combat readiness. 

“When we go on missions as scouts, we carry everything in that we’re going to use for three days at a time.” It’s a strength soldiers must regularly prove by passing the new Army Combat Fitness Test, which the Army is currently transitioning. Six events, worth 100 points each, ensure troops meet the minimum standard requirement for their specialty. 

Lt. Frazier wouldn’t brag on himself, but News 2’s Alex Denis discovered he received a perfect score on his first attempt. Focused, these movements serve as purposeful preparation for him. 

“You have the sprint drag carry. So if you’re under fire, you’re bounding. You’re shooting, moving, communicating,” said Fraizer. “When you’re deployed, you could be picking up ammo cans or an injured soldiers. Their body weight generally 180 pounds, plus all their kit, you could be lifting anything up to 300-340 pounds,” Frazier explained.

It’s a physical and mental strength crucial in combat, Lt Frazier said, especially when serving in the 101st.

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