News 2 was the only station with cameras rolling when Clarksville detectives brought William Roger Campbell to the Montgomery Couty Jail to book him for a decade-old cold case. 

Campbell was arrested and charged with two counts of first-degree murder. He’s accused of killing his adoptive parents, William and Ina Campbell, who were in their 80’s when they were found murdered in their Clarksville home

Campbell’s son, William Shawn Campbell, was in court the day he saw his father’s charges read out loud before a judge. “They read the charges off to him and it all started sinking in. I don’t know, it’s just surreal you know,” William said.  

William told News 2 he suspected his dad was responsible for his grandparents’ murder just days after they were discovered. It’s a burden he’s lived with for the last decade.

“It hurt. I mean I always held out hope that one day justice would be served, but I mean it hurt. I understand that things take time,” William said. “What scared me the most was that it would be forgotten about, which as you can see, now it hasn’t been forgotten about. That’s what means the most to me and the fact that the story hasn’t died and people are still interested…and want justice for them. That’s what means the most to me.” 

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Campbell was arrested in Georgia where he had been living until he was arrested and brought back to Tennessee on July 10. He is due back in court in October.  

“It’s all about them and I want justice for them. They didn’t deserve that,” William Shawn Campbell said. “It felt good for him to have to answer for that. I feel like he’s been running for the last 11 years.”