UNIONVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — More than a decade after then-9-year-old Chloie Leverette and then-7-year-old Christopher “Gage” Daniel disappeared following a Bedford County house fire, their mother is hopeful they are still alive.

Chloie and Gage were living with their grandparents, Mollie and Leon “Bubba” McClaran, when their home in Bedford County caught fire on Sept. 23, 2012. The children were initially believed to have died in the blaze with their grandparents, but investigators never found any signs they were inside the home.

Officials confirmed both the McClarans, their pet dog, and their pet bird died in the fire when they discovered their remains. However, they never found Chloie or Gage’s remains, which experts said would be virtually impossible had they died in the fire, too.

Investigators never determined the cause of the fire, but Chloie and Gage’s mother, Cheryl Daniel, told News 2 she believes it was set on purpose, and her children were kidnapped.

She knows in her heart her children are still alive, comparing the past 11 years without them to a nightmare.

“There’s no word to describe how you feel because you go through so many different emotions, but it all comes down to nothing but pure, hellish heartache…It feels more like 1,100 years. It seems like the longer they’re gone, the worse it is,” Cheryl told News 2.

Cheryl often wonders where Chloie and Gage are now and what they look like at ages 20 and 18. After all, she promised to never stop searching until she brings them home.

“This isn’t about me, it’s about finding them,” Cheryl said. “It’s all about them, and I just want people to know that, to please keep looking for them, because I know somebody knows something, and they are out there somewhere.”

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“I know God has them, and I know that either way, I will see them again one day; in His time I’ll be reunited with them and my parents, and I’m looking forward to that,” the mother added.

If you know anything about Chloie and Gage’s whereabouts or the 2012 fire, you are asked to call the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation at 1-800-TBI-FIND or email TipsToTBI@tn.gov.