“Where’s Shelley?” That question has weighed heavy on the hearts of family, friends, and community members missing Shelley Mook.

Shelley – a mother, a daughter, and a beloved teacher – was 24-years-old when she vanished February 28, 2011.

Strangely, her ex-husband, Tyler Mook has been serving a 12-year sentence behind bars for attempted second degree murder involving a different woman down in Florida.    

A private investigator hired by Shelley’s family told News 2, before Mook moved, he left behind a pocket dial to 911.

Shelley’s best friend, Brittany Brooks, looked back on the couple’s relationship. She said they married in 2004, after their senior year of high school. “They had a wedding in Hawaii, kind of the picture-perfect situation. It was beautiful. She was already pregnant at the time,” Brooks said. “I think her idea and her thought was the next step is marriage because this is what people do and this is what is right.”   

Brooks claimed things took an ugly turn over the next several years. “Their relationship, pretty much from the moment she found out she was pregnant, through ultimately her going missing, was extremely rough.” 

While married, Shelley got her teaching degree and started teaching in Bedford County Schools. The two divorced in 2009 and a couple years later she moved to Murfreesboro.  

Brooks said Shelley was taking their daughter to Tyler’s house in Shelbyville before needing to meet a maintenance worker at her apartment. Brooks added Shelley never made it back to her apartment.

“Her car was found the next morning burning in Rutherford County. Now mind you, where she went missing from would have been Bedford County,” Brooks said. “When they found her car, they tried to contact her and find out exactly what happened.”  

Shelley’s family hired their own investigator to help with the case. “[The car] was pulled down a driveway into a field. It appeared to be doused with gasoline and set on fire,” said Kevin Keele, an investigator with Fraley & Hill Law Firm. “No remains were in the vehicle, and Shelley has not been found to date.”  

After Shelley’s disappearance, Tyler moved to Florida in 2012. But not before Keele said a strange pocket dial came from Tyler’s phone to 911. A call the Franklin County 911 Communications center has confirmed to News 2.

Tyler Mook: And they know I’m not going anywhere right now because I don’t have Lilli.  

Unidentified voice: They can’t prove nothing.

Tyler Mook: Like I told mom, they know I’m going to stay in the United States. They can find me.

Call to Franklin County 911 Communications Center

The Franklin County Communications Center told News 2 they tracked the call back to Tyler Mook’s phone after tracing the number and a “ping” from where the call was made. The communications center confirmed he called 911 back several minutes later.

Dispatcher: What’s your name?

Tyler Mook: Tyler Mook.

Dispatcher: Okay.

Tyler Mook: Did you get a call from this number here a couple minutes ago?     

Dispatcher: Yes, we had a open line from it.      

Tyler Mook: What happens from that open line? Does it get recorded and stuff like that?       

Dispatcher: Hang on just a second, sir.

Call to Franklin County 911 Communications Center

Keele explained, “A lot of the call was drowned out by the machine noise, so there’s a lot that’s inaudible in that.” He continued, “But, what I found particularly interesting was Tyler calling the 911 center back and explaining that it was an accidental dial and saying ‘hey, was that call recorded?'”  

While Mook continues to serve time behind bars for attempting to drown his girlfriend in Florida, Shelley’s daughter and loved ones are still left without answers.

“We all want closure, but ultimately, at this point, 10 years later, this beautiful girl is growing up without her mother. And she deserves answers as to what happened,” Brooks said. “Her mother’s life was already ruined. It’s not fair to have this be held over her for the rest of her life.”     

Keele hoped one day loved ones will get that closure. “I think there are people out there that know what happened to Shelley, and know where Shelley is right now. And I believe they either haven’t come forward so far out of fear out of a misguided since of loyalty,” Keele said. “And I would implore them to come forward; give the family closure.”  

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has taken over this case. They confirm Tyler Mook is still a person of interest, but had no other details they could share.   

 If you have any information on what happened to Shelley, then you’re asked to call 1-800- TBI-FIND.

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