Market Murder: New video shows gunman who killed South Nashville clerk

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On the night of November 14, 2019, a pregnant Kajin Silevani waited at home for her husband, Nashwan Malaka to return from his job at Newroz Market in South Nashville.

At one point, Silevani said her two brothers showed up at her home unexpectedly.

“They came knocking on my door,” she explained. “They were telling me that some people beat him up or somebody shot him, so I really didn’t know what was going on.”

According to Metro police, just before 5:30 p.m., Malaka was working in the meat department in the back of the market on Elysian Fields Court, when someone entered the business and shot the 32-year-old employee. He suffered a gunshot wound to the head and did not survive, officers said.

“I was just in shock and in disbelief,” Silevani described of that night. “I didn’t believe it at first. To this day, it seems like it’s a dream.”

“It’s absolutely devastated them, took away a son, a husband and a father to those kids that will never see him again and somebody needs to pay for that,” Metro police Detective Phillip Klarer said.

Klarer has worked for months to track down Malaka’s killer and said one major clue is surveillance video from inside Newroz Market. Around 5:25 p.m., it shows the hallway, as someone comes in through an unlocked back door, disappears from view, fires the fatal shot, and runs off about one second later.

Newroz Market Surveillance Video

“He was the intended target,” the detective explained. “That person came in there obviously masked up, armed, and he was the first person he came to, shot and killed him.”

He added, “from the community, from the family, the victim was well-liked. He had no issues with anybody.  There was no reason anybody can give the police department why anybody would want to harm him. He’s here. He just gained his citizenship. He’s working at a market to provide for his family and it was just a senseless killing.”

I just want everybody out there to know that [Nashwan] has to grow up without his father. He didn’t even get to see his father. He’s never gonna get to see him. He’s never gonna feel his touch.

– Kajin Silevani, Widow

At the time of Malaka’s murder, his wife was pregnant with their third child. She named their son Nashwan, after his father.

“I just want everybody out there to know that he has to grow up without his father,” Silevani said. “He didn’t even get to see his father. He’s never gonna get to see him. He’s never gonna feel his touch.”

She explained, “it would mean everything. To get justice for my husband is all I want. For my kids. There’s gonna be some relief knowing that the person that did this is brought to justice, but it’s never gonna bring him back.”

Anyone with information on Malaka’s murder is urged to contact Nashville Crime Stoppers at 615-74-CRIME.

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